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Discover the 'non-fluffy,' scientific truths not being taught by the "self-help" industry for overcoming any challenge you will ever face

  • The 1 demonized habit you MUST master

    Most people either criticize this habit or ignore it completely. This alone will do more for you than anything else you will find this year.

  • Why feeling good now will keep you from being great forever...

    We are all designed to fail in today's world, which is why success is so rare. Here's how you fight back...

  • The counterintuitive secrets to the "good life"

    The path to success and happiness, no matter what they mean to you, is NOT what you think it is. You are in for a shocking surprise.

  • Controversial bonus trainings

    Most of what we are taught about mastery and personal growth is not just wrong, but very destructive. Here are the hidden truths you might not want to hear, but you need to.

If you are thinking about working with him, I would say run, don't walk. This is a guy who can literally transform your life.

Jack Canfield

NY Times bestselling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and The Success Principles

You're bringing the world a new frame on fear, and it's fantastic

Marie Forleo

Entrepreneur, philanthropist and host of the award winning Marie TV

Akshay provided invaluable insight and highly actionable material to my listeners and have no doubt he would IGNITE any audience

John Lee Dumas

Host of the award winning podcast Entrepreneur On Fire